Tarot, Medium and Life Guidance:


15   Minute Session  $40.00   USD

30 Minute Session:  $75.00   USD

45  Minute Session:  $120.00 USD

60 Minute Session:  $150.00 USD

90 Minute Session:  $190.00 USD

Please also note that payment must be made before any reading or service begins.

Other Readings:


Tea Leaf Reading:                 $90.00 USD

Palm Reading:                     $50.00  USD

Past Life Regression:               $150.00 USD

Memory Reprogramming:       $190.00 USD

Meditation:                        $250.00 USD

Reiki:                                $75.00  USD


Reiki Empowerment:               Please call:

                                  702 – 635 - 1781





Book an appointment here then go to the payments section (below), to pay for each service. You may book an appointment anytime 24/7. Please note you will be transfered to another website for both bookings and payments.

Additional services


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